Venator is a multinational chemical company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations spanning across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific regions. The company has a rich history dating back to the 1920s and has established itself as a key player in the global chemical industry.

Venator is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of titanium dioxide (TiO2) products.

Titanium dioxide is a versatile pigment widely used in various industries including paints, coatings, plastics, and paper to impart brightness, opacity, and durability to products. Venator is renowned for its high-quality TO2 products and its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the chemical industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Venator remains a trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking top-tier pigment solutions.

Ferro Pigments

Vibrantz Technologies stands as a global leader in the manufacturing of mineral-based specialty additives, pigments, colorants, functional ingredients for specialty coatings, and glass and porcelain enamels. With a robust foundation built on deep expertise in particle size engineering, color technologies, and glass and ceramics science, Vibrantz delivers unparalleled products and solutions to over 11,000 customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Vibrantz Technologies operates as the parent company of Prince International Corporation, Chromaflo Technologies, and Ferro Corporation. With a global footprint spanning six continents, Vibrantz leverages the collective expertise of its subsidiaries and employs approximately 5,000 dedicated professionals worldwide. This extensive network enables Vibrantz to provide localized support, foster collaboration, and deliver unparalleled service to customers across the globe.

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