Clariant is a global specialty chemicals company that stands at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and customer-focused solutions. With a rich history spanning several decades, Clariant has consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering high-quality products and services across diverse industries, including chemicals, plastics, agriculture, and healthcare. Known for its dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

 BU AdditivesClariant’s Business Unit (BU) Additives is a dynamic and innovative segment within the globally recognized specialty chemicals company, Clariant. Specializing in the development and production of a diverse range of additives, this business unit plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance and functionality of various products across industries. Clariant BU Additives focuses on creating solutions that address specific challenges faced by its customers in areas such as plastics, coatings, lubricants, and more. The additives produced by this unit are designed to impart unique properties to materials, contributing to improved durability, efficiency, and sustainability.

BU Functional Minerals: Clariant’s Business Unit (BU) Functional Minerals is a leading force in the realm of specialty chemicals, dedicated to providing innovative solutions and enhancing the performance of a wide range of applications. As a vital segment within Clariant, Functional Minerals focuses on developing and producing high-performance mineral-based additives that serve diverse industries.

Sorbacid Hydrotalcite:

PVC stabilizers that prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness: SORBACID® hydrotalcites from Clariant Functional Minerals.

The utilization of SORBACID® hydrotalcites introduces novel possibilities in the production and processing of flexible, rigid, and transparent PVC products. This includes window profiles, high-temperature cables, coated wires, pipes, and an array of other PVC items, all benefiting from the stabilizing properties of SORBACID®. This contributes significantly to ensuring a secure and eco-friendly future for PVC. SORBACID® is particularly effective when employed alongside Ca/Zn stabilizer systems, presenting an environmentally conscious, non-toxic, and heavy-metal-free alternative for PVC stabilization.

Beyond PVC applications, Clariant’s hydrotalcites play a pivotal role in enhancing product stability and performance across various industries, including plastics processing, paper manufacturing, paints and coatings, catalysts, catalyst carriers, and water purification. (Datasheets of Sorbacid 911 and Sorbacid 944)

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