Who are we ?

Welcome to Maharashtra Impex Limited, where excellence meets experience! Established in 1988 by the visionary brothers, Mr. Charudutt Shah and Mr. Atul Shah, our company has evolved into a reliable supplier of pigments, additives, and titanium dioxide, serving a diverse range of industries including plastics, paints, inks, stationery, and more.

As we transition into the capable hands of the second generation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the values and expertise instilled by our founders.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritise understanding and fulfilling their unique requirements.


With decades of experience, we bring deep industry knowledge and insights, ensuring our customers benefit from our accumilated wisdom.

Timely Delivery & Execution

We value your time as much as ours. Our commitment to timely delivery and execution sets us apart.


Uncompromising quality is non-negotiable. We strive to deliver products that meet the highest industry standards.


Honesty and transparency define our relationships, both internally and with our clients. We believe in conducting business with the utmost integrity.


Beyond products, we provide exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to consistently exceed expectations, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Maharashtra Impex Limited aims to be your go-to partner for quality raw materials, embodying excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Join us on this journey towards a future where reliability meets innovation, and where your success is our priority.

Industries we Serve

Maharashtra Impex Limited proudly caters to a diverse array of industries, providing top-notch raw materials essential for their success. Our comprehensive product range, including pigments, additives, and titanium dioxide, is tailored to meet the unique needs of the following sectors:

Maharashtra Impex Limited is a key partner for the plastics industry, offering a wide range of pigments and additives that enhance the visual appeal, durability, and performance of plastic products. Whether it’s vibrant colors or improved material properties, we understand the critical role our products play in the plastics manufacturing process.

In the world of paints and coatings, our quality pigments contribute to the creation of stunning and enduring finishes. From vivid hues to specialized coatings, our products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of this industry, ensuring that every application achieves the desired aesthetic and protective qualities.

Maharashtra Impex Limited supplies essential materials for the inks and printing industry. Our pigments play a vital role in creating sharp and vibrant prints, meeting the high standards of quality and colour consistency demanded by the printing sector.

For stationery manufacturers, we offer a range of pigments and additives that elevate the visual appeal and functionality of their products. Whether it’s pens, markers, or other stationery items, our raw materials contribute to the overall quality and performance of these everyday essentials.

Beyond the mentioned sectors, Maharashtra Impex Limited caters to a wide array of industries, including but not limited to textiles, construction, and cosmetics. Our commitment to providing top-quality raw materials remains unwavering across diverse applications, reflecting our versatility and adaptability.

At Maharashtra Impex Limited, our goal is to be the preferred supplier for these industries, offering not just products but reliable partnerships that contribute to the success and innovation of our clients. We continually explore new opportunities and stay attuned to evolving industry needs to ensure that our product offerings remain at the forefront of each sector we serve.

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